We help you collect and publish employee video

Use it for employer branding, marketing, recruiting, onboarding, and more. Any number of employees. A fraction of the cost of doing it in-house or using an agency.
Companies small and large use Wednesday to collect employee video

Employee video made simple

Work with Wednesday to easily collect and publish employee content at any scale


We help you run targeted campaigns based on your content goals. Use our library of templates or work with us to make a custom form for your specific need.

Employee Content Library

We build a library of employee-generated videos that can be organized into collections and used for nearly any purpose. Manage your content with ease.

Branded Video Channels

Publish your video collections into branded channels for recruiting, marketing, employer branding and more. Put your channels anywhere.
Use Cases

Capture stories for any purpose

Use our template programs are create your own


Generate video job postings, video recruiting pitches, and personalized channels for prospects

Employer Branding

Use employee content to share your employer-value proposition from LinkedIn to your career site

Recruitment Marketing

Generate a steady stream of employee videos on topics from culture to day in the life. Post them anywhere.

Internal Comms

Make announcements, welcome new hires, and connect your distributed team through video.


Simple video guides generated by your hiring team to elevate your onboarding experience

Content Marketing

From employee testimonials to leadership interviews, generate an ongoing stream of video content

Sales Enablement

Humanize your outreach by including videos from your team

Employee Testimonials

Collect employee testimonials at any point in the employee lifecycle - from onboarding to exit

Leadership Content

Prompt leaders for video responses that can be used internally with employees, or externally with your market

Ambassador Program

Collect and publish videos from your employee ambassadors. Use them for recruiting and marketing.

Spotlight Series

Run an employee spotlight series to showcase your culture and highlight your people

What's your need?

Wednesday is a flexible service that can be adapted to your specific use-case

As a Recruiter, I need to stand out, and I need candidates to respond. Wednesday is one of the most powerful tools in my kit for making that happen.

Olivia Howe
Recruiter/Sourcer, Infoblox

Any number of content channels, for any purpose

Use channels to tell stories, introduce new employees to their team, bring your employer brand to life and more. From onboarding guides to video job postings, channels make it simple to get your content in front of your audience.
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Frequently asked questions

What is the purpose of this service?
Wednesday helps companies collect and publish employee-generated videos for use in recruiting, employer branding, marketing, and more. We make the process simple using a blend of project managers and in-house software.
Is there a free trial available?
Yes, your first campaign (up to 30 videos) is free.
How does the service work?
We help our customers determine what to ask and who to ask, and then we run the content collection project for them. Once we have videos, we work with our customers to create and publish channels with their video content.
What kind of videos can employees submit?
Up to you! You can request videos on any topic.
Who can see these videos?
Collected videos are stored in your content library and are only available internally. You can publish and un-publish videos and share them externally whenever you want.
How can videos be organized into channels?
We make it extremely simple to select videos, create collections, and then publish collections - which we call channels. You can use our platform to make channels yourself, or request channels from your project manager, and we'll create them for you.
What are the benefits of using employee videos in our business?
There are many benefits! User-generated video is the most engaging, fastest growing, and most impactful form of communication on the internet.
How do we collect videos from employees?
We create a request in Wednesday that can contain up to 8 prompts. Recipients click a link - there is no need to download an app - and can respond from their phone or computer.
How does the publishing process work?
Videos can easily be published and unpublished from your Wednesday account.
Who has access to manage the videos and channels?
Wednesday account admins can manage access and permissions for their team.
Can videos be removed after being published?
Yes, anytime.
Can the videos be shared on social media or other platforms?
Of course! We make it easy to share any content you collect and create in Wednesday in a number of form factors - share links to content, download and watermark videos in several aspect ratios, create reels, and more.
How can we ensure the quality of the videos?
The literal video quality will be determined by the quality of the camera and the lighting of the room. Assuming a modern device and a well-lit room, videos should be very high-quality.

The quality of the content of the video is totally subjective. Not all videos are going to be winners, but when you ask for authentic responses, some percentage will generally be very compelling.
What technical support is available if we face issues?
Our team will jump in and help you work through any technical issues that we touch.
What is the pricing model? 
Check out our pricing page to learn more. Your first project (up to 30 videos) is free! 

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