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Pitch your role and company directly to your candidates

We capture the best version of your story directly from your team and use it to run a next generation recruiting service. On-demand. No placement fees. Up to 80% less expensive than an agency.

How Wednesday is different

Better for candidates. Better for you. Substantially less expensive than traditional agencies.

Role Channels

We generate the most compelling version of your pitch straight from the source by collecting authentic videos from your internal hiring team

Tech + human powered

We pair our recruiting success team with workflow automation and your employee-generated content to power a newer, better recruiting process

On-demand + 80% less

Wednesday is usage-based, on-demand, and never charges placement fees. Our aim is to be as good as a great in-house team, at about the same cost-per-hire.

Wednesday allowed us to share the personality of our team at scale. Every candidate we met with had already heard our story which allowed us to focus on their specific needs. They put us in the best possible position to hire great people.

Mike DeKock
Founder and CEO
Use Cases

Use Wednesday to extend your internal recruiting capabilities

No internal recruiting team

No internal recruiters? No problem. Use Wednesday as an on-demand team.

Extend your internal team

Not enough capacity? No problem. Use Wednesday as an extension of your internal team.

Reduce agency use

Spending a lot of money on agencies? Use Wednesday to reduce your cost-per-hire.

Evergreen or volume roles

Have ongoing hiring needs? Use Wednesday to continuously source without paying placement fees.
Roles we fill

We focus on the following types of roles


Entry-level reps to Sales Directors


Marketing Coordinators to Directors


Product Managers, UI Designers, UX Designers


Front-end engineers, back-end engineers, data-scientist, and more

Ops & Finance

Finance and Operations Coordinators through Directors

HR & People Ops

HR Managers, Recruiters, People Ops, and more

Client Services

Customer Success Managers, Account Managers, and more.

Long-tail roles

Pitch your unique or specific role directly to your candidate market

Get real-time visibility and process candidates in a few clicks

See everything from daily activity to candidate engagement. Accept or pass on candidates in a few clicks, we'll take care of it from there.
View daily activity across your funnel
Accept or Pass on candidates in a few clicks
Manage your project
Dashboard mockup

Wednesday has significantly improved our applicant sourcing. We've been extremely impressed with the quality of candidates and number of hires.

Benji Markoff
CEO, FounderShield

Usage-based. On-demand. No placement fees, ever.

Get full visibility into our progress. Unlimited hires per project.
Usage-based by the day
We make progress and report activity daily. You keep us running on a project for as long or as short as you'd like.
No placement fees, ever
We are not an agency and will never charge placement fees.
Unlimited hires per project
Make unlimited hires per project at no additional cost.
Talk to us about volume discounts
An on-demand team + platform
Role Channels
Candidate Communication
Candidate Sourcing
Outbound Prospecting
Process Management
Job Postings
Candidate Management
Wednesday App Accounts
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Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between Wednesday and a traditional recruiting agency?
Wednesday has 3 key differences:
  • We use Role Channels (videos of your team) to engage, convert, and support candidates
  • We are a usage-based service and will never charge placement fees
  • We are equally a technology company and a recruiting services company

The differences above enable us to work more efficiently while delivering a better, more modern candidate experience. We pass the savings generated from our process along to our customers so that they can get access to a high-quality recruiting service at a substantially lower cost than a traditional agency.
What is a project?
A project equates to a single role. You might have a project for a single hire (eg you need to hire 1 Enterprise Account Executive), or multiple hires for the same role (eg you need to hire 10 Customer Success Managers).

The project on Wednesday is the container for everything related to that role. You can turn projects off and on, on-demand, and have multiple projects running concurrently (for multiple roles).
What industries or job roles does your recruiting service specialize in?
We work with startups, mid-scale tech companies, professional services firms, and corporate roles (sales, marketing, HR, ...) in any industry.
How do you source and screen candidates in your recruiting service?
Manually and with our tech platform. We will determine how you want candidates screened as part of project setup; we can use anything from simple forms to 3rd party assessment tools, whatever fits your hiring process best
What is the pricing structure for using your recruiting service?
We charge $95 per project-day while we're actively recruiting. We report daily on our activity, so you can see exactly what we accomplished. We can support the recruiting process from start through interviewing and onboarding, or you can turn it off at any time (eg after sourcing).

You can make unlimited hires per project (so if you're hiring multiple people in a single role, they can all fall under 1 project and the price will not change).

Starting at 5 active projects, there is a sliding scale of volume discounts.
Do you offer any discounts or special offers for new clients or bulk hiring?
Yes, please talk to our team and we'll give you a quote.
How long does the recruiting process typically take using your service?
It's completely up to you, we will move at your speed. In general 3-5 weeks is a good rule of thumb for the 1st hire. Subsequent hires will happen faster.

For evergreen roles or volume hiring, you can keep the project running and Wednesday will continuously run the process until you turn it off.
What measures do you take to ensure the quality of candidates presented?
We pre-qualify candidates based on your requirements and phone screen candidates before presenting them. We can add additional assessments as needed.
Can your recruiting service cater to temporary, contract, or freelance positions?
It can be used for any type of role. It's designed with full-time, professional roles in mind.
How do you handle candidate negotiations?
We act as an intermediary between the company and the candidate, and can offer guidance on request.

Because we don't charge placement fees, we have no financial stake in the salary, and can be as objective as possible in our role as facilitator between company and candidate.
Do you provide any guarantees regarding the candidates you recommend?
Since we do not charge placement fees, there is no need for a guarantee. On Wednesday, you are subscribing to the recruiting process, we are not charging for the recruiting outcome. If a candidate doesn't work, simply turn the project back on and quickly backfill the position.
What are the terms and conditions for using your recruiting service?
Please see out Terms of Service
What is your cancellation policy?
Turn your projects off anytime and stop paying that day.

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